Here is a fun balloon kicking activity for babies. Great for developing their eye trackingability, understanding cause and effect (ie. when I kick the balloon moves), concentrationand gross motor skills. As we know, learning begins long before a child can crawl or walk. Let your own baby have a go at this one. I feel confident they will love it.


Little Boo (5 months) has reached an age that she will express how much she loves the smallest of interactions and opportunities to play. She giggles and reaches and grins from ear to ear. One of her favourite games to play is this kicking activity using a balloon that

It’s always difficult to know what age to recommend these activities for as each child is different and they reach milestones at different times. I would, however, strongly recommend you do this with your child when they are not able to roll and not yet interested in eating everything. Active supervision is required for this activity as it could be a choking hazard. Lets keep things safe and fun guys.

Boo quickly learnt from her natural kicking behaviour that when she moved her legs the balloon would move, cause and effect. For a long time she would kick her legs and watching the balloon dance above her. It was a wonderful way to entertain her, provide her with some positive words and sounds of encouragement and see her really enjoying this age appropriate activity.