Have any of you fans been wondering the whereabouts of Jino from the 1st SM The Ballad? Or Yang Hong Suk from Mnet‘s ‘Mix & Match‘?

To spark your curiosity, former SM Entertainment trainee Jino and former YG Entertainment trainee Yang Hong Suk have been spotted on a recent Instagram post by Cube Tree, or Cube Entertainment’s Cube Artist Development Department Team!

It’s been widespread news among Cube fans that the label is hard in the preparation stages for a new, 10-member boy group named Pentagon. Now, many are linking the two very familiar faces with the upcoming boy group, set to debut either by the end of 2016 or early 2017.


Cube trainee Kim Hyojong, who promoted with HyunA for her “Roll Deep” promotions, is also speculated to be a part of the upcoming group.

If you’re curious about upcoming boy group Pentagon, or Cube Tree in general, follow their official Instagram below!

Neztizen comment :
–  “Then SM will debut a boygroup named “heptagon” then YG “Hexagon” brace yourselves polygons are coming”
–  “Fighting hongseok ? as an ikonic I will support you”
–  “A huge sigh of relief escaped me when I saw this; I’m so glad he’s going to debut, and his talent isn’t going to go to waste. At first I got scared that he would give up, but I’m glad he’s still pursuing his dreams! “